"Shari’s coaching has greatly helped our efforts to work better together and celebrate what we are doing well. I have sound managerial systems in place and understand my numbers through her support. My team looks forward to each meeting with Shari. She has given us tools to increase communication we are more productive, enthusiastic and eager to learn more. Seven months into our consolidated practice, I am producing nearly what my partner and I used to produce together. Thanks Shari!"

  Dr. Lance Wicklund , Bainbridge, WA


“About three years ago, I was at a point of considering retirement or changing the pace of my practice (3200 sq.ft., 9 chairs, 9-11 staff).  The opportunity to move next door into 1200 ft. was a scary thought considering all the potential problems involved...  Shari helped us through all of these situations.  We just finished the first quarter of our second year in the new space and our collections equal our production.  If we continue on course of the first quarter, we will exceed the largest year we ever had in the monster practice next door.  This is beyond any real expectation I had going into the process."

Dr. Lowell Hanson, Bellingham, WA


"Shari’s support was invaluable in showing us how to deal with conflict within the team. Her ability to relate to my staff is amazing. She creates great safety and therefore the ability to move forward. We had a 14% increase in our production once we learned how to respect each other, deal with conflict and put systems in place. Her coaching is a sound investment. "


With continued support:


"Shari has a great way of mediating our team meetings.  In the past if a decision or action plan was left up to the group, we would go round and round, have 10 different decisions, and nothing would get resolved.  If I heard all the ideas and made the decision as the boss, half the staff wouldn't agree with me and therefore wouldn't embrace the plan.
Since having Shari on board the decision process has been greatly improved and streamlined.  She doesn't just swoop in and tell you how things should be done; at least 75% of the decisions we arrive at are contributed and agreed by the staff.  Things are getting done and the team is taking ownership of the decisions.
Thanks again for the continued insight and guidance!"

Dr. Greg Klingel, Quincy, WA


“I am so appreciative for all that you have given our office and each team member over the last six years. You have shown us how to take an ordinary ‘good’ office and bump it up to make it extraordinary. I feel as though all the skills we have acquired with your help have been life changing both inside and outside the office.”


With continued support:


"Shari Tastad has had a huge impact on my practice and personal life during the last 14 years.  We met and started working together when she was our in-office coach. Shari would observe and analyze our office for a day, then present her findings to our entire team the next. Her analysis of my practice, from the financial to the interpersonal interactions of the team to the big picture was always insightful and accurate.  Her ability to talk the team members' language, to help us focus on customer service, and her can-do attitude enabled us to tackle many challenges.  Our goal-setting would always take into account our personal as well as professional lives. Shari has contributed greatly to my practice success, not to mention my enjoyment of my profession."

Dr. Gary Burt, Bellevue, WA