Coaching Paths

Under Shari's leadership and direction, your company will realize the opportunity to increase net income and operate more efficiently while having more fun. You will personally learn to improve the quality of your life by minimizing stress. Based on your goals and desired outcomes, Shari will assist you in mapping a journey down one or more of Pathways' five customized paths.

Foundational Path

A journey down this path will help you to clarify and solidify the purpose and vision for yourself, your life work, and your business. Individual or team-centered, the Foundational Path supports better focus, increased enthusiasm, and enhanced teamwork using a combination of workshops, team meetings and one-on-one coaching. Items that you will develop on the Foundational Path include:

Develop Emotional Smarts to Build Your Practice from the Inside Out

Studies show that small increases in Emotional Intelligence generate geometric increases in financial performance.

  • Empowering the team for forward movement
  • Creating win/win relationships with both team and client
  • Clearly defining your goals, ambitions and vision for your business and life
  • Identify how stress, energy and self-management affect your practice success.
  • Learn how to effectively give and receive – even welcome – feedback.
  • Identify your EQ strengths.
  • Realize the importance of ROP (Return on People) and ROI (Return on Investment).

Communication Path

Communicating your intentions increases team spirit, integrity, leadership and enthusiasm among all team members. Artful communication with clients increases your reputation and rejuvenates both client and business. The Communication Path provides facilitation skills for conflict resolution and open communication that support vision and integrity in business. Workshop, team meetings and individual support may be provided. Some of the items that you will develop on the Communication Path include:


Research shows we all believe 90% of the people we deal with are difficult!

  • Learn to focus on results, not issues.
  • Move from problems to solutions.
  • Increase skills for resolving conflict.
  • Move from confrontation to carefrontation.


Foundational Facts: 
People desperately want to feel appreciated and valued in their jobs, and most people don't actually feel appreciated.

Learn more about Motivation by Appreciation in your business.

Marketing and Sales Training Path

This path allows you to create a client-centered business that is value based. This path will enable you to clearly identify your client's desires and establish methods to support their goals while creating an environment that allows them to say "yes". Some of the items that you will develop on the Marketing and Sales Training Path include:

Deliver “Brilliantly” on Customer Expectations

Customer Service at its best! Build on the core values of your business and learn how Expectations, Experiences and Emotions can work together to create Exceptional customer service.

  • Dramatically increase patient and staff retention.
  • Attract new patients and retain existing ones.
  • Increase your referral base through customers as raving fans.
  • Generate more income.
  • Enhance internal-driven marketing
  • Open communication allowing clients to clearly communicate what they want
  • Develop listening skills
  • Support external-driven marketing
  • E-Gap analysis

Human Resource Path

Where Rubber Meets the Road- Employment compliance

Comprehensive human resource materials and guidance create a more stress free environment. You confidently make sound staffing decisions and more effectively address staff relations. Team, doctor and clients win!

  • Develop a master plan for employer employee relations.
  • Reduce office stress by hiring EI people.
  • Establish clearly defined employment agreements.
  • Understand requirements in your state for compliance with employment compliance.

AllPathways: The "Complete Course"

This journey encompasses the integration of all comprehensive Pathways for a timely and successful arrival at your desired destination.