Go South I Say!

Going south was really going west for my husband and I:

 You may be familiar with Leavenworth, WA.. A Bavarian town, population 2000    nestled at the foothill of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.  Among the sausage and bratwurst vendors and nutcracker stores is a new restaurant, South.  I heard about it during spin class at the gym.  Here’s what was said:  “healthy food with great flavor, fun atmosphere, something different”.  

In helping business run efficiently and effectively I am always interested in how other businesses work so on a date we went!  Here is what I observed: 

Wait staff having fun with each other, owner ( I assumed at the time) mingling with the crowd and helping where needed, observing him move silverware, greet people, get someone a drink and the like.  He did what was necessary for guests to have a full experience.  The wait staff was excited about the food, made valuable recommendations, checked in to see how we were doing, and anticipated our needs. There was no Bavarian theme, they stood out as unique and were confident about the south of the border menu.  Appropriate music was playing; staff was dressed for the environment (casual yet professional).

 Here’s what totally blew me away:  Upon departing the restaurant the owner came outside to personally thank us for dining with him.  He cared we were there and showed it!  Will I go back?  Absoultely! Will I take friends?  Absoultely!  

How do you show your clients you appreciate them or do you take them for granted?  Is your team excited about what they do and do they transfer that enthusiasm?  Does your office stand out in some way?  Are you unafraid to be different?  I encourage you to visit South for a dining experience.  Ask for Pierce….or maybe you won’t have to!  He’s there waiting doing what ever he can to make sure his business successful!