What's in a Water Bottle?


What’s in the water bottle doesn’t really matter! It’s about the customer service!


I have a workout partner who I meet at the gym most mornings at 5AM! Yes, that’s the correct time. One day I left my favorite water bottle at the gym and wouldn’t return for two days due to my travel schedule. Upon returning I checked with lost and found to discover all contents of lost and found had been gathered and sent away. To my dismay, I responded to Doug at the front desk “You need a new system on how long you hold on to lost items” to which he replied, “I understand your frustration”. Please know, it’s not as much about the water bottle but the system. What if it had been my iPod or something of greater value?


Next day: Email from Jenny, manager! “Sorry about the water bottle, we’ll look at the system”.

Next day: All front desk personnel at the gym are talking about my water bottle and acknowledging its loss.

One week later: Lisa, exercise manager and without being asked, has been through all gathered lost and found from Gold’s Gyms in the area to find my water bottle.


Morale of the story: When was the last time you changed a system due to important feedback you received? When was the last time you told someone you understood how they felt and REALLY listened? When was the last time you had courage to talk to your supervisor about an issue and helped make a difference? Doug, Jenny and Lisa did just that! I’m a East Wenatchee Gold’s Gym Fan and committed to their success.