Self Evaluation: How are you doing?

We are all part of several different teams. Workplaces consist of teams. A family is a team. Your group of friends is a team. But every team is made up of individuals and the most productive teams flourish when each team member is working toward the same goal. We invite you to ask yourself the following questions to assess whether you are acting in a self-directed or team-directed mode:

  1. Are you taking initiative or directions?
  2. Are you focusing on team results or on individual rewards?
  3. Are you being solution-oriented or problem/blame- oriented?
  4. Are you working as a team and cooperating with one another or are you working individually and competing?
  5. Are you showing continuous improvement or are you stopping when goals have been met and relapsing into old work habits?
  6. Are you making the most with what you have or are you in need of more time and resources?
  7. Are you becoming proactive as opposed to reactive when work needs to be done or problems arise?
  8. Are you increasing the quality of your work by becoming more efficient or by needing more resources and time?

Becoming a team-directed individual is a process. At every point along the journey, there is room for improvement and guidance. If you feel you would like some assistance, direction and guidance as you travel down your path to becoming a stronger team member, we invite you to contact Pathways at (509) 750-6603. Pathways can help you maximize your potential.